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Soil Fertility in a Changing World

Results of the expert meeting about Soil Fertility, held on December 13, 2013 in Wageningen.
Soil Fertility in a Changing World
June 1, 2014 By: F&BKP Office Image: FGI

On December 13, 2013, an expert meeting was organized by Alterra and Agri-ProFocus, during which 36 representatives of business, science, civil society and policy contributed to a lively discussion about the importance of soil fertility in development projects.

Goal of this expert meeting was to:

  1. Discuss the preliminary outcome of the project “Soil Fertility in a Changing World” which Alterra is conducting for the Ministry of Economic Affairs. On the basis of literature and interviews with various experts, an analysis has been made of the issues around decreasing soil fertility in huge parts of the world. Subsequently, recommendations have been formulated, which the Ministry can take into account when formulating its international co-operation and food security policy.
  2. Create a support base for the abovementioned recommendations within the network of relevant Dutch actors. Aim is to share knowledge, experience and financial means; and to participate in public private partnerships organizing projects and programs around soil fertility and food security.

The afternoon was organized by Alterra, part of Wageningen UR, in collaboration with Agri-ProFocus, a partnership with Dutch roots that promotes farmer entrepreneurship in developing countries.

Please download the report of the expert meeting (PDF, in Dutch).




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