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The gateway to knowledge for food and nutrition security. Connecting business, science, civil society and policy.


FNS Excellence Programme: masterclasses and coaching session

During October and November, the students participating in the Food & Nutrition Security Excellence Programme have dived into their assignment to find sustainable solutions to real-life challenges of the Dutch Embassies in Kenya and Burundi. To guide and support the students in their work, several events have been organized, including a number of masterclasses, a coaching session with an FNS expert and a one-on-one contact moment with both Embassies. »

Final factsheets GCP-1 & GCP-2 projects

The fourteen projects funded through the first and second call of the Global Challenges Programme will be finalized by the end of 2019. On November 14 and 15 they join in The Hague for their end meeting focusing on Inclusive Agri-business. In preparation, they have all published a factsheet with final research results. »

ARF-2 final factsheet: PARCR project in Benin

The PARCR project in Benin has published its final factsheet, with as main outcome achieved the high adoption of the best practices of rice production on the one hand, and of the best practices of rice parboiling on the other hand.  »

ARF-1 final factsheet: Improved varieties of spider plant for Africa

This ARF project has been finalized and has published its final results, confirming that there is a growing demand in spider plant in urban areas. More people are aware of the nutritional and medicinal qualities of the plant and integrate it into their eating habits. »