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The gateway to knowledge for food and nutrition security. Connecting business, science, civil society and policy.


ARF-3 Final factsheet: Ethiopia healthy cows

“The objective of this project was to improve quantity and quality of milk produced by peri-urban smallholders with zero-grazing dairy systems, as well as improving the position of women. This participatory action research combined activities at both fieldand laboratory level, based on the following research questions: – Field level: What are the results of implementing »

GCP-3 Final factsheet: Ethiopia & Kenya, ADIAS

“The ADIAS project looked at dairy input & advisory configurations in Kenya and Ethiopia. In both countries, a transition to more farmer participation in markets is needed in order to eke out a living from shrinking farms and, of course, to feed the nation. While Kenyan farmers benefit from pluriform service provision models , upgrading »

ARF-3 Final factsheet: Bangladesh mangrove

“In Bangladesh, polders have been constructed to boost rice production, but subsequent saline water logging compelled farmers to replace rice with shrimp. Thereby, more areas were appropriated for shrimp farming with inevitable consequences on mangroves and coastal ecosystem. The overarching goal of the Mangrove-Polder project was to restore resilient livelihoods through integrated mangrove-shrimp farming, thereby »

Farewell F&BKP, hello NFP

The F&BKP started in September 2013 and after seven years we will end our activities in their current form: supporting the knowledge generation and sharing of thematic networks; facilitating the work of Food & Business Research consortia in partnership with NWO-WOTRO; and providing access to frontline publications through our Knowledge Portal. In the new year, the Platform will be formally integrated in Netherlands Food Partnership (NFP). »