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Knowledge Portal

During 2013-2020, the F&BKP Knowledge Portal provided Food & Nutrition Security professionals with annotated references to knowledge and innovations in their work field. The F&BKP thanks all partners and experts for their contributions, which resulted in an extensive and rich knowledge base. Although new input is not added anymore, all valuable content built over the years remains available.

The Knowledge Portal shared selected knowledge items in the field of Food and Nutrition Security. These knowledge items, such as reports, briefs, toolkits and articles, offered innovative insights and/or deepened existent knowledge. Over the years, the Knowledge Portal contained 24 topics, including inclusive business, consumption patterns, youth, livestock, seeds and policies, approached from a national, regional, international or global angle.
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Netherlands Food Partnership

The F&BKP is continuing in Netherlands Food Partnership: information on all ongoing activities is available at the NFP website. NFP enables powerful collaboration between relevant Dutch organisations and international partners to achieve food systems change. We refer you to NFP in case you want to link with partners or look for relevant knowledge and expertise.
For more information on the transition and NFP, please see the explanation under About.