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The F&BKP supports knowledge generation, exchange and use on several themes. These themes are carefully selected in a demand-driven way and flexible to change. The theme pages in this section showcase past and current knowledge activities with the Platform partners. The aim is to inform other actors what has been happening and to inspire them to become part of the knowledge exchange.

Some themes which are on the agenda of the Platform, may not have their individual theme page. At the moment, these include Green Education, Inclusive Finance, Landscape Approaches, Private Sector Development, and Social Entrepreneurship.  Information on activities evolved around these themes are published on this website as news items and in the Events Calendar. The F&BKP Office can always be to receive information on how to become involved.

Knowledge Management Facility

The objective of the Knowledge Management Facility (KMF) is to financially support the knowledge management of the various stakeholders within the Platform by providing grants for studies or knowledge events like seminars.
Three categories of applicants are eligible for funding:
a) Platform partners, being the networks and Communities of Practice (CoP) that are actively cooperating with the Platform on priority themes.
b) Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassies which have short term analytical knowledge requests related to consisting FNS policy.
c) The Steering Committee in interaction with the Office.