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House rules for posting comments or contributions


We welcome your participation in our website through comments or other contributions. Please keep in mind the following house rules when you are posting on this website. Disobeying these rules may result in removing your contribution or not publishing it in the first place.

No libel or other abuse

You must not post any libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, abusive or otherwise illegal material to this website. Please use respectful language that does not abuse or discriminate. Do not post one-word replies, please provide some arguments and background to your opinion.

No advertising or solicitation

Knowledge4food.net can be used only in a non-commercial manner. You cannot, without the express approval of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform, distribute or otherwise publish material containing any advertising or promotion of  goods, or services. Spam messages containing advertisements etc., will be removed.


We will not disclose your email address on the website to other users. We may, however, contact you with further questions about your contribution or expertise. We may also send you a one-off email to inform you about the activities of our platform.

Please do not include phone numbers, mailing addresses, and/or other personal information of others in your reviews.

Right to move or edit contributions

We reserve the right to move messages that we deem not relevant to the page subject matter. We may slightly edit messages that are otherwise consistent and on-topic in order to fix spelling errors or to increase clarity – by adding spaces or explanations of abbreviations, for example. However, we will never change the message of the contribution and always notify the contributor about any changes we make via the email address provided at submission.

Right to delete contributions

We reserve the right to delete messages that we deem to be spam, abusive, defamatory, obscene, in violation of copyright or trademark laws, or otherwise unacceptable given the guidelines in these house rules.

Deleting a post for gross violations of the rules will also result in terminating all access of the concerned user to our comment facilities.

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