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Dutch Development Results 2018 in Perspective: Food and Nutrition Security highlights
May 29, 2019News
Dutch Development Results 2018 in Perspective: Food and Nutrition Security highlights

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has presented an online report providing an overview of the results achieved by the Netherlands in the field of development cooperation in 2018. Under the theme Food and Nutrition Security, the Netherlands made an important contribution to the elimination of malnutrition and the development of small-scale food farming. »

March 27, 2019Knowledge Portal
Global food policy report 2019

This global food policy report 2018 provides a synthesis of all major developments regarding food policy in 2018. The special focus of this year’s report is on rural revitalization. Rural revitalization represents a systems approach to addressing poverty and food and nutrition security through its recognition of the intrinsic links among sectors that make up the entire food chain. »

February 28, 2019Knowledge Portal
Devising urban food security policy for African cities

This policy brief focusses on policy development to guarantee food security for urban families. The countryside is not the same as the city, yet too often policy confuses the two. To identify what policy strategies would be most effective, stakeholders should conduct surveys at the household level that involve inquiries on education, food affordability and household size. »

Dutch Food Security Policies embrace Food Systems Approach
February 25, 2019Expert opinion
Dutch Food Security Policies embrace Food Systems Approach
Theme: Food Systems Approach

Dutch food security programs in the international development domain have been mainly focussed during the last few decades on increasing agricultural production and reinforcing international trade of tropical commodities. This focus is now gradually changing towards activities that devote key attention to gender and nutrition, circularity and climate resilience, and upgrading of agro-food value chains. Moreover, there is a growing interest in systematic learning from interventions by engaging researchers into development programs. »

Co-creation for research in food security development
October 18, 2018Expert opinion
Co-creation for research in food security development

With the aim of reaching SDG2 (zero hunger and sustainable agriculture) development agencies have for a long time funded research for development. In the margins of the recent Wageningen SDG conference Melle Leenstra, policy officer food security at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was invited to give his take on the topic of the session entitled “Co-creation for impact: Donors and Knowledge institutions”. »

July 25, 2018Knowledge Portal
How can health, agriculture and economic policy actors work together to enhance the external food environment for fruit and vegetables? A qualitative policy analysis in India

This study aims to identify opportunities to strengthen food system policy for nutrition, for fruit and vegetables in India. The study identified three strategies for fruit and vegetable supply policy actors, which can help address the interdisciplinary disconnect between nutrition, economics and agriculture. »