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November 1, 2018Knowledge Portal
Open Source Seed networking: Towards a global community of seed commons

This report provides an overview of the state of affairs: what is Open Source Seed, what is happening on the ground, what are the results so far, and what are the open questions. The Open Source Seed network consists of self-organised plant breeding and seed sharing/selling communities that aim to retain and regain freedom to act in a now highly asymmetric landscape. »

December 30, 2016Knowledge Portal
Building agricultural networks of farmers and scientists via mobile phones: case study of banana disease surveillance in Uganda

This article in the Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology highlights an important challenge that is threatening agriculture in Africa: the difficulty in collecting timely data on disease spread and effectiveness of on-farm control methods. This study served as a case study for assessing the viability of a participatory GIS (Geographic Information System) to enable a plant diagnostics network with fieldworkers. »

Food and Nutrition Security Exchange days 2016
May 9, 2016Knowledge activity
Food and Nutrition Security Exchange days 2016

Work more in alignment with Dutch partner countries, make better use of opportunities to link aid, trade and investment, and put into practice the policy of “no one should be left behind”. These are some of the conclusions of the Food and Nutrition Security Exchange days 2016. »

October 1, 2015Knowledge Portal
Social seed networks: Identifying central farmers for equitable seed access

This article (PDF) in the Agricultural Systems Journal, demonstrates how informal seed systems’ social relationships are structured in two communities and suggests that community-based agrobiodiversity initiatives could use networks to promote more equitable improved seed distribution. Community-based agrobiodiversity management projects have been at the forefront of integrating informal seed systems into food security initiatives. »

Fourth F&BKP newsletter
February 26, 2015News
Fourth F&BKP newsletter

The first Food & Business Knowledge Platform newsletter of 2015 has been sent out! In this newsletter the Platform proudly presents the new website section featuring all Food & Business Research projects funded by NWO-WOTRO. Other items of interest include news from various partner networks as well as upcoming events. Please follow this link to read the complete fourth newsletter »

Overview of stakeholders on regional trade for food security
December 16, 2014Study
Overview of stakeholders on regional trade for food security
Theme: Regional Trade for Food Security

The list presented here provides an overview of relevant actors that are involved in the development of regional markets for food and nutrition security in one way or another. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. Readers of this site are kindly invited to share suggestions for additional actors and networks that they »