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NWO-WOTRO research projects

Food & Business Research (F&BR) is a funding instrument managed by WOTRO, the Science for Global Development department of NWO (the Dutch Research Council). It aimed at addressing persistent food security challenges in low and middle income countries. In the years 2013-2020, the Food & Business Knowledge Platform’s two main roles related to the F&BR were:

  • Defining the scopes of the various F&BR Calls of the Global Challenges Programme (GCP) and the Applied Research Fund (ARF). All background information on the F&BR funding instrument can be found at the NWO-WOTRO website.
  • Supporting (jointly with NWO-WOTRO) all GCP and ARF research projects in sharing, uptake and impact generation of their research results. More information on how exactly the F&BKP Office supported the projects can be found here.

On this F&BKP website, all news concerning organized GCP and ARF activities (such as conferences), and all pages of the individual GCP and ARF projects including all their developed knowledge products will stay available. Furthermore, all papers and activities related to the synthesis study of the F&BR research projects, are still accessible as well.