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A practical guide to make Inclusive Agribusiness cases accessible and inspiring

Creating effective Case Studies
January 16, 2019 By: F&BKP Office Image: WCDI

Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation, together with Roger Reuver, developed a practical guide to make inclusive agribusiness experiences accessible and inspiring. The guide is entitled “Creating effective Case Studies” and is meant for inclusive business teams interested in producing a case study of their project.

The world of inclusive agribusiness (IAB) is one of enthusiasm, innovation, and hoped-for structural change in how business is done. Case studies play an important role in learning effectively from these innovations, by making the experiences and lessons gleaned from them accessible and inspiring to others. Yet there is a structural lack of good examples that can adequately inform and influence investments and new initiatives – just as there is a lack of solid evidence to prove the social and business case of inclusive business initiatives.

The basic idea of the “Creating Effective Case Studies” guide is that case owners interested in deeper learning and strategic communication – whether they are entrepreneurs with their key business partners, or any other team or partnership involved in a change agenda – can be inspired by the method proposed in the guide. It helps case owners to obtain the capacity to reflect on, document, and communicate their case in a strategic and effective way.

The term “case study” refers to an attractive presentation in a magazine-style publication of what a project or business is doing, learning, producing, and achieving as added value to society. The case study’s design and presentation combines text, pictures, visuals, links to short films, and careful editing. The result is a publication that helps the team to present and communicate the essence of the project or business.

The guide offers simple structures that can speed up and help ensure content-solid cases:

  • Possible structure
  • Steps in developing a case study
  • Resources and capacities needed
  • Integrating audio-visual and written dimensions into reinforcing information layers
Documents to download:

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