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April 14, 2020Knowledge Portal
Towards demand-driven services? The role of feedback mechanisms in agribusiness-based advisory services for smallholder farmers

This paper explores the extent to which agribusinesses provide demand-driven services based on farmer feedback and how they integrate and learn from such feedback. The study shows that agribusinesses provide focused advisory services to diverse farmers in developing countries, which are often farmers’ main source of technical advice. »

June 19, 2019Knowledge Portal
Growing food in the cities: Successes and new opportunities

This briefing discusses the development of urban agriculture in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific, looking at successful urban agribusinesses and the innovations, partnerships and policy developments that are creating new opportunities in this field. Urban and peri-urban agriculture offers opportunities for productive employment in a sector with low barriers to entry. Many urban agriculture policies do not address commercial urban agriculture, agro-processing and value addition activities well. »

April 17, 2019Knowledge Portal
Innovative finance opportunities for inclusive agribusiness: Understanding the emerging opportunities

This report describes in depth 8 different financing instruments with specific example cases of its application to inclusive agribusiness. Agribusiness have a huge business opportunity and a chance to contribute to the SDGs. Financing opportunities for inclusive agribusiness are growing. »

April 2, 2019Knowledge Portal
Facilitating next-generation African, Caribbean and Pacific agriculture through youth entrepreneurship, job creation and digitalisation

This workshop identified critical success factors for rural entrepreneurship and job creation and resulted in two briefs. The first argues that outh-inclusive investments to modernise the agricultural sector will unleash its huge potential. The second explores the challenges and opportunities facing young people trying to enter the agricultural and agribusiness sector. »

February 26, 2019Knowledge Portal
Digital pathways for youth in agriculture: AFA Case Study

This case study aimed to identify successful pathways for youth livelihoods in agriculture. The study defines 4 youth personas that vary along key demographic, behavioural and attitudinal criteria, which reveals unique pathways to success in agriculture. »

Successful knowledge exchange organized by Ethiopian Sesame Business Network
February 14, 2019Knowledge activity
Successful knowledge exchange organized by Ethiopian Sesame Business Network
Theme: Inclusive Business

How can we optimize the volume and quality of sesame production in North-Western Ethiopia? And what can we learn from other sesame-producing countries? Armed with these questions, Staff from the Sesame Business Network (SBN) – a project co-coordinated by the Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation – travelled in three separate groups to Tanzania, Uganda and India in 2018. »