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April 11th, 2017

Agroecology: The bold future of farming in Africa

Published by AFSA,

This publication (PDF) was produced by the AFSA Agroecology Working Group and Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement. The 88 page illustrated book showcases 15 case studies, showing how agroecology benefits Africa in terms of food and nutrition, livelihoods, restoration of biodiversity, knowledge and innovation, and climate change resilience. Leading experts in their fields explain how agroecology reforms food systems to promote better nutrition and health, especially among poor communities; how it diversifies livelihoods and defends the dignity of women farmers; how it enables and empowers us to revive our soils and lands, cultivate relevant crops, advance food sovereignty, and build resilient ecosystems and communities; and how such innovative production systems, based on indigenous knowledge, meet the nutritional, cultural and spiritual needs of Africa’s people. According to the authors, a ‘bold transition’ to agroecology is needed and needs the commitment of from all levels. Recommendations are made for people involved in policy, food systems, research, indigenous knowledge, seeds and consumer awareness.

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