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September 30th, 2020

Better foresight for climate resilience: E-learning, toolkit and webinars

Published by SADC Secretariat's Food, CCAFS, and others,

The SADC Futures project is a joint initiative of the SADC Secretariat’s Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Directorate, CCAFS and others, to create tailored foresight training to equip users in the practical application of a range of foresight tools and methods for innovative strategic planning and policy formulation for climate resilience.

Part of the project is a 6-part webinar series (videos) that  enables participants to develop skills and capacity for applying foresight for climate resilient agricultural development in the SADC region and beyond. It got participants ready to apply practical and concrete foresight tools and methods to plan for climate resilience in agriculture and natural resource management.

After, an e-learning course has been launced to train those interested in the topic, and want to learn the skills they need for better foresight of the needs of climate-smart agriculture in years to come. Better foresight means plans, policies and programs can be adapted to respond to the foreseeable effects of climate change, across the entire African continent and beyond. Foresight is not a prediction of the future but rather a process of imagining different possible futures and thinking through their potential consequences.

The e-learning course is supplemented by the SADC Futures Foresight Training Toolkit that provides accessible training to multiple stakeholders on key foresight methods and how and when to apply them. Each foresight method or tool is broken down into a series of steps so that the process can be replicated where needed.

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