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December 3, 2019Knowledge Portal
Youth and jobs in rural Africa: Beyond stylized facts

This book uses survey data to build a nuanced understanding of the constraints and opportunities facing rural youth in Africa. This book finds that a balance between alarm and optimism is warranted. Addressing youth employment in Africa is a global challenge, but it is one that was overcome by other developing regions when they underwent similar demographic transitions three decades ago. Currently, youth employment is a major policy goal today, however policies themselves often fall short of addressing the constraints facing young job seekers. »

November 13, 2019Knowledge Portal
Household-level drivers of dietary diversity in transitioning agricultural systems: Evidence form the Great Mekong Subregion

This study discerns the drivers of household dietary diversity in the context of farmers evolving from subsistence toward commercial production, in the Greater Mekong Region (GMS). The results show that the Household Dietary Diversity Score (HDDS) is found to increase among the sites in a way that is roughly associate with their state of agricultural transition, though differing combinations of market orientation, specialisation, and intensification traits that describe such a transition suggest that the pathway to commercialisation, and dietary diversity, is not a linear one. »

How to support the food system transformation - a practical framework
August 28, 2019Expert opinion
How to support the food system transformation – a practical framework
Theme: Food Systems Approach

An important insight of the last years is that our major economic systems do not deliver the right results and are not sustainable. The food system is one of those key systems. The demand for more nutritious food to feed a healthy and productive global population cannot be met if we do not look at fundamental changes. But where to start: with the consumer, the farmer, the industry, the retail? In this blog Paul van de Logt and Ruerd Ruben present a practical framework based on their experience in policy and science to support food system transformations. »

August 13, 2019Knowledge Portal
The digitalisation of African agriculture report

This report explores the gains digitalisation for agriculture (D4Ag) has made in Africa toward reaching its potential. D4Ag can support and accelerate agricultural transformation across the continent, sustainably and inclusively. A large number of players comprise this young sector, developing viable businesses with attractive financial models. To further mainstream D4Ag, human capital should be developed at every level of the D4Ag ecosystem. »

March 26, 2019Knowledge Portal
Agricultural transformation and food and nutrition security in Ghana: Does farm production diversity (still) matter for household dietary diversity?

This article examines the linkage between farm production diversity and household dietary diversity in rural Ghana and how that linkage changed between 2005–06 and 2012–13. Results suggest that farm production diversification, as well as household income growth, continues to be strongly associated with increased household dietary diversity. Recent agricultural transformation seems to have not yet markedly improved integration of rural food and agricultural markets into the wider economy. »

Lunch Seminar: Agricultural intensification in the Sahel
October 25, 2018Knowledge activity
Lunch Seminar: Agricultural intensification in the Sahel

Agroforestry is a low cost foundational practice to increase agricultural productivity and set the stage for further intensification. If used in combination with water harvesting, organic manure and micro-doses of good quality fertilizer yields in drylands can increase greatly. This was a key message of Chris Reij, Senior Fellow Global Restoration Initiative at the World Resources Institute, who gave a presentation during a lunch seminar organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. »