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ecologically sustainable food systems

June 25, 2020Knowledge Portal
Actions to transform food systems under climate change

This report proposes 11 transformative actions across 4 action areas to meet global targets for agriculture, food systems and climate change. The 4 areas are: 1) Reroute farming and rural livelihoods to new trajectories, 2) De-risk livelihoods, farms and value chains, 3) Reduce emissions from diets and value chains, 4) Realign policies, finance, support to social movements, and innovation. »

June 22, 2020Knowledge Portal
Netherlands-India Agri Collaboration: Climate smart agriculture innovations mission

This webinar series on climate smart agriculture innovation aims to explore, identify and encourage research and development collaboration between Dutch and Indian partners. The first three webinars focus on breeding, remote sensing, and water and soil. »

June 17, 2020Knowledge Portal
The battle for biomass: A systematic review of food-feed-fuel competition

This article reviews 75 studies on the competition for biomass and production resources such as land, water, labour and capital across food, feed and fuel production. This review finds that food, feed and fuel do not just compete for limited land but also compete for other resources such as water, labour and capital. »

March 23, 2020Knowledge Portal
Climate-smart agriculture and the SDGs: Mapping interlinkages, synergies and trade-offs and guidelines for integrated implementations

This publication presents an assessment and mapping of climate-smart agriculture (CSA) – Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) interlinkages, which provide entry points for targeted CSA planning to enchance syngergies and reduce potential tradeoffs between CSA objectives and SDGs. This paper represents a first step in defining specific ways in which CSA can support the achievement of the SDG. »

February 25, 2020Knowledge Portal
Learning adaptation to climate change from past climate extremes: Evidence from recent climate extremes in Haryana, India

This article examines whether farmers learn form their past experiences of exposure to climate extremes and use the knowledge to better adapt to future climate extremes. Farmer learning and uptake of new technology is not only related to the characteristic of technology but also how well the technology fits the farming system and its impact on farmers’ livelihood. »

January 13, 2020Knowledge Portal
The state of food and agriculture 2019: Food loss and waste is a global issue

This SOFA report acknowledges the need to reduce food loss and waste, presents new insights on what is known and what is not, and provides guidance on how to target interventions and policies depending on policymakers’ objectives and the information available.The report also offers a comprehensive analysis of the critical loss points in specific supply chains, thus providing examples on appropriate measures for an effective reduction. »