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Consultation report for Strategic Knowledge and Innovation Agenda

Consultative report SKIA
October 3, 2019 By: F&BKP Office Image: Via Flickr (by: IFPRI)

Last spring the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) facilitated a consultative stocktaking process to feed a Strategic Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (SKIA) for SDG2. A range of experts was consulted as well as key policy documents and literature. This inventory was translated in a report that can be found below. In the report a multi-stakeholder request is dominant for a future knowledge agenda focusing on food systems transformation from a Research in Development perspective. The report will serve as input for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department-General for International Cooperation (MinFA/DGIS), Inclusive Green Growth – Food and Nutrition Security (IGG-FNS) cluster, upcoming SDG2 Knowledge and Innovation strategy.

Please download the complete F&BKP report “Synthesis of a consultative stocktaking process to inform the Dutch DGIS Strategic Knowledge and Innovation Agenda in relation to SDG2”.

This report is a tentative translation of the consultative stocktaking process in the view of core policy documents which present current Dutch policy on Food and Nutrition Security (FNS), including the recent policy letter of MinFA and MinAgri “Op weg naar een wereld zonder honger in 2030: de Nederlandse inzet” and as defined by MinAgri in a.o. “Nederland als koploper in kringlooplandbouw vraagt om kennis en innovatie met impact”. The process included 1) Input sessions with representatives from MinFA and MinAgri; 2) Interviews with selected experts from embassies, research organizations, policy institutions, INGOs, and private sector partners (analyzed and synthesized anonymously); 3) A desk study to summarize key information on recent and ongoing relevant research programmes funded by the Dutch government and by the EU; 4) Relevant literature as referred to in the course of the consultative stocktaking; and 5) Specific input from CGIAR including the evaluation of the NL-CGIAR Strategic Partnership and NWO-WOTRO on evaluations and reports of running research programmes.

Knowledge and innovation emerging from research efforts is critical to be able to effectively contribute to SDG2 impact in LMICs, as underlined by the recent FNS1 and F&BKP2 evaluations. Challenging ideas and new insights are needed to foster breakthrough and improve policy and practices for better SDG2 results. An continuing FNS Research Programme which contributes to SDG2 also strengthens Dutch and LMIC FNS research capacity, keeping research communities committed and supporting effective policy and science connections and stimulating smarter policymaking and implementation. Such a programme will therefore remain an important component of wider Dutch policy on investments towards SDG2 impact in LMICs. As recommended by the F&BKP evaluators (2018), alignment with (specific) MinFA and MinAgri policy and programmes in partner countries will be strengthened. A number of research programmes is suggested for the SKIA to operationalize its strategic purpose and focus, including the continuation of existing programmes. Please read the document for insights in the input from experts and existing Dutch efforts, leading to an advice to focus future Dutch FNS research programmes on food systems transformation from a Research in Development perspective.


  1. 1. Review of Dutch food security policy 2012-2016 (IOB, 2018)
  2. 2. Co-creating (Dutch) diamonds, gold (standards) and silver (bullets) in the food security and agricultural business maze (Dietz & van den Broek, 2018)

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