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January 7, 2019Knowledge Portal
Rural-urban linkages: Syngergies, threats and limitations

This magazine provides advices and examples of best practices as well as failures to bridge the gap between rural and urban regions. The United Nations New Urban Agenda implies changing diets and thus the need to include sustainable food systems for the cities. So the rural areas have to transform in parallel. »

January 2, 2019Knowledge Portal
Food systems in protracted crises: Strengthening resilience against shocks and conflicts

This literature review provides an overview of the recent evidence on what food systems look like in protracted crises and the interventions mentioned in the literature to build more resilient food systems against shocks and conflicts. Interventions in food systems that increase food security and nutrition are important to reduce violence and conflict and to become more resilient to shocks. »

January 2, 2019Knowledge Portal
Agriculture & food systems to 2050: Global trends, challenges and opportunities

This book features a comprehensive foresight assessment, exploring the pressures, threats as well as opportunities, on the global agriculture and food systems between now and 2050. Food systems thinking can help identify synergies and trade-offs between the SDGs, and indicate leverage points for policies and interventions. »

December 31, 2018Knowledge Portal
The challenge of food systems research: What difference does it make?

This article aims to assess the conceptual challenges and practical opportunities for analysing the structure and performance of food systems, and identifies how food systems analysis could deliver new and innovative insights for nutrition policy in developing countries. »

A food systems perspective on seafood
December 27, 2018Research project
A food systems perspective on seafood

On 23 November Peter Oosterveer from the Global Challenges Programme project SUPERSEAS presented a food systems perspective on seafood at WorldFish in Penang. In recent years a food systems perspective has been promoted to develop a more comprehensive perspective on supplying sufficient, sustainable and healthy food to consumers. »

Food Systems: how could a food systems approach work for transitions towards SDG2
December 20, 2018Knowledge activity
Food Systems: how could a food systems approach work for transitions towards SDG2
Theme: Food Systems Approach

The Food Systems approach continues to be a key area of interest and exploration among Dutch knowledge institutions, Ministries and other stakeholders, as reflected by several expert meetings and studies during the past few months. They explore the concept of “food systems” further, trying to enhance understanding of what the “food systems approach” is about, and more importantly, how it could work to enhance the food systems transitions required to achieve SDG2 and other sustainable development goals. »