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Capitalizing on untapped potential

Finding jobs for youth in Africa’s agricultural transformation
June 25, 2018 By: F&BKP Office Image: CIAT

Africa is facing high levels of unemployment among youth, a growing youth bulge, a rapid trend of urbanization and an unsustainable agricultural food system. Young people in Africa are a world of challenges and opportunities and should be seen key actors in the necessary agricultural transformation. But who are we talking about when discussing ‘young people’? And how can we reinforce their role in agricultural transformation?’

This two-pager aims to summarize a state of the current art on the knowledge in this field. It builds on the knowledge gathered in the F&BKP Knowledge Portal on youth. It covers heterogeneity of youth, potential of mainstreaming and youth-specific interventions as well as comprehensive policies amongst others. It focuses specifically on youth employment and job creation, as it served as a background document to the workshop “youth agripreneurship in agricultural transformation” organized by AgriProFocus, the Young Expert Programmes (YEP Agrofood and YEP Water) and The Food & Business Knowledge Platform on June 1, 2018.

The two-pager “Capitalizing on untapped potential: finding jobs for youth in Africa’s agricultural transformation” can be downloaded here.


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  1. M. Ndiaye
    Partnership Accounts
    Financial literacy as prerequisite to Youth buy-in

    Improving access to financial services remains key priority of my insurance and financial services business. Directly working with local microfinance institutions in west Africa a comprehensive mobile banking framework is underway to catering a few cooperative farmers groups with proven track records of entrepreneurship and community economic development. Drawing from best practices in index insurance, risk mitigation and resilience, Strategy First LLC is seeking avenues to widen the scope of economic growth inclusion in areas that matter to smallholder farmers…


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