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Video impression “Dialogue on review Dutch food security policy”

June 14, 2018 By: F&BKP Office Image: F&BKP Office

Please find below a video impression of the public dialogue about the IOB report “Food for thought. Review of Dutch food security policy 2012-2016”. The event took place on May 31 in Wageningen and was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Policy and Operations Evaluation Department (IOB) and the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP).


(Video by The Broker)

The multi-stakeholder dialogue was a space to understand the success factors and challenges of policy implementation by the Netherlands through its bilateral, multilateral and civilateral programmes in low and middle income countries, in collaboration with an extensive range of partners.

During the event many of these partners had the opportunity to discuss the review’s findings and their translation into practice. The results of these discussions are in particular expected to help shaping the future Dutch food security policy, in the context of the adapted policy for International Trade and Development Cooperation.

IOB review

The IOB review analyses the food security policy’s effectiveness, discusses its efficiency and coherence and concludes with recommendations. It is based on an inventory of food security activities and available evaluations, complemented by the broader literature. It also integrates quantitative and qualitative findings from four country case studies (in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Uganda).

Please follow this link to a news item including links to all online publications related to the IOB Review of Dutch food security policy in the period 2012-2016.

Downloads “Dialogue on review Dutch food security policy”


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