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New F&BKP exploration on youth in agriculture

New F&BKP mapping on youth in agriculture
March 21, 2016 By: F&BKP Office Image: via Flickr (by: CIMMYT, C. Robinson)

In developing countries, over 60% of the population is below the age of 25, and those youth populations show no sign of stopping. In these countries, the youth play an important role in meeting the future challenges on access, availability and use of food in the context of trends of population growth, urbanization, globalization and climate change.

The F&BKP Office noticed a demand from Dutch and related actors working on food security in developing countries that they have an interest in the role of youth. Their request is for an overview of core issues and bottle necks surrounding the theme of youth in agriculture and an overview of organizations working on these topics.

In response to this growing interest of engaging youth in a food security-agriculture-employment connection, a mapping has been created by the F&BKP. It’s an inventory of the ambitions of key international organizations in the field of development that engage with youth in food systems. The exploration also gives a first glance of subthemes that various actors in the field of youth and agriculture focus their work on. It furthermore outlines key knowledge questions on engaging youth in agriculture and food systems that can be abstracted from the work of various organizations. It is based on document research and a short inquiry in the F&BKP network.

In addition, we composed a mind map that gives an overview of Dutch and international actors that are active in this field, including subthemes they are active in.

Both the exploration and the mind map are indicative, non-exhaustive and a work in progress. There are many more interesting organizations to include. Please consider both as “living documents” to provide guidance for the F&BKP process of facilitating knowledge sharing activities between these organizations in order to support achieving their ambitions. Please feel free to suggest additions to the exploration and mind map by sending an e-mail to

In addition to the need for an overview, various actors working in the Netherlands have announced an interest in exploring a Knowledge Community of Practice in this field. This group might, for example, focus on mapping what are essential drivers to involve youth in agriculture and what can be learned from previous experiences. The F&BKP will facilitate this. On Thursday May 12 the first meeting will be held at the Office in The Hague for all interested parties. If you are interested in attending this meeting, please contact us at

Background documents

Please find the exploration “Engaging youth in food systems” (PDF) here (updated version of June 9, 2016).

Please find the mind map below; please follow this link to the full screen version of the mind map.

How to navigate the mind map

  • Use the + button to open up the items in a branch to see which subthemes organizations are working on.
  • Use the -> button to visit the website of the organizations for more information on their specific involvement in youth in agriculture.



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