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The gateway to knowledge for food and nutrition security. Connecting business, science, civil society and policy.


Knowledge Programme for Food Security

The Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP), Embassy Support Programme and Talent Pool will continue as the Knowledge Programme for Food Security. This Programme will increase the impact of Dutch projects, programmes, policies, investments and business on SDG2 by knowledge brokering across professional divides. It will facilitate the creation, exchange and – particularly – the use of knowledge by Dutch actors and their LMIC partners. »

What is climate smart in Africa’s horticulture?

Climate change is and will continue to be a major challenge for East and Southern African horticulture. Its effects on horticulture are lower water availability, lower soil health, higher disease pressure and planning disruptions. With support of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform, AgriProFocus and Verbos Business Development carried out a scoping study of business drivers for Climate Smart Horticulture in Kenya, Zambia and Tanzania. »

Practice note: Adaptive programme management in fragile and complex settings

Adaptive programme management (APM) is an evidence-based approach to programme design and implementation increasingly used in international development. At the core of APM approaches lies a deliberate strategy for interim adjustments to a programme on the basis of focused learning around its objectives. This note produced by The Broker, supported by the F&BKP, provides insight into the core aspects of APM strategies with concrete examples from practice. »

Supply and demand factors influencing youth employment and entrepreneurship in agrofood systems

In many continents, young people represent a promising, yet untapped potential for disruptive innovation for transforming food systems. Though, many young people struggle to make the transition from education to work to become financially independent. In the fifth CoP Youth meet-up on January 23, CTA and WUR presented a comprehensive framework and brief on supply and demand factors impacting youth employment & entrepreneurship. »