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How to tackle the challenges for seed system changes?

Farmers (f/m) in Ethiopia and in other low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) often have difficulty getting the improved seeds they need to raise the productivity of their crops or livestock, the climate resilience and the profitability of their business. These seeds may be available in public research institutes or with private breeders, but do not reach the farmers. This was the topic of a high-level multi-stakeholder workshop in the context of the NL-CGIAR Strategic Partnership, which generated lots of insights and new ideas for collaboration. »

Do the costs of the global food system outweigh its monetary value?

Food is essential for all living organisms to survive and flourish, but for human beings, food transcends biological needs and has long been an integral part of social life and culture. Over the past century, the food system has done very well in producing enough food to outpace population growth – reducing the real price of food to make it more accessible to the poor and drive down global hunger and poverty.  While the remaining pockets of hunger require continued attention, the global food system is rapidly transforming, including in the less developed regions of Africa, Asia and parts of Latin America. »

Scaling climate-smart agriculture in East Africa: A role for all stakeholders taking into account contexts and needs

For food systems and agricultural livelihoods in Eastern Africa to truly be climate-resilient and low in emissions, climate-smart agriculture policies, practices and perspectives must be scaled. To move this forward, CCAFS in East Africa, NWO-WOTRO, F&BKP and AgriProFocus Ethiopia hosted a public dialogue, on June 13 in Addis Ababa at the International Livestock Research Institute Campus. »

Access to Seeds Index 2019 Synthesis Report

The Access to Seeds Index 2019 Synthesis Report has just been released. It describes the opportunities and progress shown by the seed industry, and highlights the importance of local and regional companies in providing access to seeds for smallholder farmers. Challenges differ in each of the three main regions covered by the index: South and Southeast Asia, in Eastern and Southern Africa, and Western and Central Africa. »