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The gateway to knowledge for food and nutrition security. Connecting business, science, civil society and policy.


Geodata, crowdsourcing and artificial intelligence for post-Covid resilience of food systems and communities

How can technologies like geodata, crowdsourcing intelligence, and machine learning contribute to resilience of food systems and communities during and after shocks like the Covid-19 crisis? This was the central focus of the 8 October CoP meeting that provided feedback to the co-organizers The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies, 52impact, and BlackShore. The online meeting took Ethiopia as a case to discuss and exchange with 24 participants. »

New YEP positions available

Young Expert Programmes (YEP) is looking for Dutch young professionals for five new YEP positions. The current YEP Agrofood vacancies in Laos and Uganda/Rwanda are open for Dutch nationals only. Application for the new YEP positions in batch 22 is open until November 8, 2020. »

Shaking up the Food System

Is it high time for a shake-up of the global food system? The output of the the 75 GCP and ARF research projects on food and nutrition security consists of insights about, for instance, the role of indigenous and local foods when confronted with fragility of global value chains due to acute shocks like COVID-19. Or innovations for circular and climate smart agriculture in response to the long-term crisis that climate change is. »

F&BKP Newsletter October 2020 (#04)

In this fourth Newsletter of 2020, the F&BKP gives an update on the Netherlands Food Partnership which is increasingly taking shape. Furthermore it gives an overview of current activities like the webinar series of COVID-19 CoP Digital Solutions, and events and Knowledge Portal items on Food Nutrition and Security.  »