March 17th, 2020

HortIMPACT: The story 2015-2019

Published by SNV,

This booklet (PDF) by SNV provides the overall results of the HortIMPACT project and gives special attention to the lessons learnt during the implementation. HortIMPACT contributed to increased food security, increased incomes, and a dynamic and sustainable horticulture sector in Kenya. Te project focused on three main themes: inclusion of small and medium sized entrepreneurial (SME) farmers, food safety and food loss reduction, as well as on private sector development. Lessons learned of the project are: 1) It is critical to pre-select and focus on 3-5 value chains with highest potential; 2) In-dept value chain analyses are a crucial step to enable to identify causes of market underperformance; 3) Market actor mapping is important for identifying partners to tackle bottlenecks in the market system; 4) Established companies should be engaged in tripartite arrangements to ensure rapid uptake of new technologies; 5) Undertake short small pilots with various market actors to test different approaches and partners; 6) The scaling scan and Adopt, Adapt, Expand and Response Framework are effective tools for analysing systemic change; 7) Support growth of market support functions to stimulate systemic change and scaling; 8) Work from the start with financial service providers in promotion of financial solutions; 9) Invest in communication and collaboration with media to support dissemination of key learnings; 10) Support functions that strengthen farmers groups and cooperatives in linking farmers to  markets; 11) Innovative agribased ventures that have limited asset requirements are more likely to attract more youth and women. Despite HortIMPACT’s impact, there is still need for greater systemic change in enhancing food safety and market access while reducing food losses, with climate change and limited water availability continuing to challenge food security.

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