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A business perspective on serving marginalised farmers & consumers
June 17, 2020Study
A business perspective on serving marginalised farmers & consumers

This first Outcomes Paper of the F&BR Synthesis Study presents the findings from fourteen interdisciplinary research projects on two outcome areas: firstly, innovations for agricultural production and processing that intend to meet (existing or anticipated) needs of poor and marginalised producers and consumers in LMICs; and secondly, new approaches or strategies to connect marginalised producers to the market. »

March 17, 2020Knowledge Portal
HortIMPACT: The story 2015-2019

This booklet provides the overall results of the HortIMPACT project and gives special attention to the lessons learnt during the implementation. Despite HortIMPACT’s impact, there is still need for greater systemic change in enhancing food safety and market access while reducing food losses, with climate change and limited water availability continuing to challenge food security.  »

Food Systems Governance Mechanisms
February 6, 2020Knowledge activity
Food Systems Governance Mechanisms
Theme: Food Systems Approach

Globally, a transformation of the food system is needed to achieve SDG2 and other SDGs. Who gets to decide what a future food system looks like and who will take the lead are key questions in this process. These questions have hardly been addressed in the international ‘food systems’ discourse so far. Hence, a recent meeting of the Dutch Community of Practice on food systems was held that looked at food systems governance mechanisms. »

December 5, 2019Knowledge Portal
Transforming Africa’s food system with digital technologies

This seminar explored how African countries can develop a “digitalization ecosystem” to help foster growth and competitiveness in the continent’s value chains. Also discussed are the institutional and policy innovations that have already been implemented by African governments as well as efforts by the private sector and ag-tech startups to increase the development and use of digital tools and services in agriculture. »

October 21, 2019Knowledge Portal
Boosting farmer incomes in agricultural supply chains

This review examines how to take major, structural steps forward on farmer income by analysis nine high-performing cases. The review exposed three patterns that help explain the succes of these cases: 1) Greatly strenghtening farmer market position. 2) Businesses playing an important role, but not through business as usual. 3) Tapping into growing domestic markets. »

September 10, 2019Knowledge Portal
Africa Agriculture Status Report 2019: Hidden middle

The Africa Agriculture Status Report of 2019 highlights the trends and progress, as well as challenges and constraints of private sector firms in the upstream and midstream/downstream off-farm components of the agri-food system. The private sector has a major role to play in the transformation of African agriculture. In particular, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will be vital to the continent’s long-awaited green revolution. »