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November 12th, 2015

Agricultural Lending: A how-to guide

Published by IFC,

This toolkit (PDF) by IFC introduces and explains step by step the key elements of success for financial institutions (FIs) to expand financial services to farmers. The content was developed around IFC’s global experience in assisting FIs with the development and implementation of agricultural finance products. The benefits of this work are synthesized in this guide, along with knowledge and expertise of best practices among both IFC clients and others. The guide includes advice on each step involved and tips on how to address the complex challenges that might arise during product development process. The guide has seven chief components: 1.) Introduction to Agricultural Finance; 2.) The Product Development Process; 3.) Product Development Phase 1 – Preparation; 4) Product Development Phase 2 – Market Research; 5) Product Development Phase 3 – Pilot Design; 6) Product Development Phase 4 – Pilot Testing and Monitoring; and 7) Product Development Phase 5 – Product Launch and Rollout. This guide highlights case studies and success stories from around the globe to illustrate how other institutions already work within the
agricultural sector.

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