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April 25, 2017Knowledge Portal
Webinar on agriculture, banking, and the digital economy merge to improve South African agriculture

This webinar by Agriculture Finance Support Facility’s (AgriFin) looks at the role of digital infrastructures in driving efficiency and sustainability in the agricultural value chain. It dives into issues that surround emerging innovations, capacity strengthening, and the enabling environment of mobile service banking. »

May 26, 2016Knowledge Portal
Unlocking local currency lending: Foreign exchange risk in agricultural finance

This briefing note by the The Initiative for Smallholder Finance, details how philanthropic investment can play an influential role in mitigating foreign exchange risk. The note emerged from conversations with stakeholders at various levels of the agricultural value chain who expressed concerns about managing the foreign exchange (FX) exposure in their businesses – traders who pre-finance farmers and financiers who lend to smallholders and agri-businesses, among others. »

April 12, 2016Knowledge Portal
The rise of the data scientist: How big data and data science are changing smallholder finance

This briefing note by the Initiative for Smallholder Finance explores how innovative lenders are using new data sources and analytics to assess the creditworthiness of borrowers. It seeks to supplement the growing body of literature on alternative applications of data in assessing credit risk with a discussion of the opportunity to extend these models to the agriculture sector. »

November 12, 2015Knowledge Portal
Agricultural Lending: A how-to guide

This toolkit by IFC introduces and explains step by step the key elements of success for financial institutions (FIs) to expand financial services to farmers. The guide includes advice on each step involved and tips on how to address the complex challenges that might arise during product development process. »

April 9, 2015Knowledge Portal
Improving agricultural microfinance through risk mitigation

The risk management factsheet (PDF) elaborated by Cordaid presents four categories of risk mitigating measures that microfinance institutions (MFIs) can adopt to enhance safe opportunities for agricultural lending, in terms of: preparation, product risk alleviation, operations and collaborations. »

March 3, 2015Knowledge Portal
Insight into social lending and direct-to-farmer finance for smallholder farmers

The Initiative for Smallholder Finance is a multi-donor effort designed to demonstrate how specific products and services can expand the reach of financing for smallholder farmers. They have published several briefings which provide insight into targeted market research, product development and testing and investment facilitation in the smallholder finance market. »