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From food security towards a resilient society

From food security towards a resilient society
May 19, 2016 By: F&BKP Office Image: via Flickr (by: Kenny Lynch)

The discussion paper “From food security towards a resilient society” aims to provide an overview on linkages between food security and stability and to look for evidence that supports the assumption that food security interventions contribute to stability.

The conclusion of this article is that there exists a significant research gap in providing empirical evidence on the contribution of food security to stability in fragile areas. Whether food security and (youth) employment will have positive effects on stability and migration depends very much on the local context. Food insecurity (especially high food prices) as one of the factors that cause conflict, is a threat and impact multiplier for violent conflict. Other factors are poverty, under-employment of young men, income inequality, land conflict, scarcity of natural resources, natural disasters, and poor governance. Conflict is a main underlying cause that leads to food insecurity. Possible follow-ups on  this theme could be, for example, to explore how food security interventions in fragile states could better contribute to stability.

Please download the discussion paper “From food security towards a resilient society” (PDF).



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