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Practice note: Adaptive programme management in fragile and complex settings
February 5, 2019Study
Practice note: Adaptive programme management in fragile and complex settings
Theme: Food security and stability

Adaptive programme management (APM) is an evidence-based approach to programme design and implementation increasingly used in international development. At the core of APM approaches lies a deliberate strategy for interim adjustments to a programme on the basis of focused learning around its objectives. This note produced by The Broker, supported by the F&BKP, provides insight into the core aspects of APM strategies with concrete examples from practice. »

Dutch companies do contribute to food security in Ethiopia
January 23, 2019Research project
Dutch companies do contribute to food security in Ethiopia

Lenard Hofland of the GCP project “Follow the Food”, has published an article in the context of “De Voedselzaak” – an online platform discussing the issue of how to feed 10 billion people in 2050 – stating that Dutch companies in Ethiopia do provide permanent jobs and most of all food on the Ethiopian market. »

January 9, 2019Knowledge Portal
Fair prices to achieve a living income for small farmers and its relation to local food purchase programs

This paper aims to stimulate a discussion of how to raise the farmers’ income by providing another way of looking at prices. Since farmers do not earn a sufficient livelihood, alternative ways than market prices have to be looked at: the ‘fair prices’. »

January 2, 2019Knowledge Portal
Food systems in protracted crises: Strengthening resilience against shocks and conflicts

This literature review provides an overview of the recent evidence on what food systems look like in protracted crises and the interventions mentioned in the literature to build more resilient food systems against shocks and conflicts. Interventions in food systems that increase food security and nutrition are important to reduce violence and conflict and to become more resilient to shocks. »

November 30, 2018Knowledge Portal
Conflict and hunger: The lived experience of conflict and food insecurity in South Sudan

This report seeks to understand how conflict affects individuals, groups and communities, the different mechanisms by which conflict affects food security and what opportunities remain for mitigating the impact of conflict on hunger. The study documents conflict’s devastating impact on food security in areas both acutely and less directly affected by violence. »

November 26, 2018Knowledge Portal
Integrating food into urban planning

This book discusses planning cities in such a way they will increase food security and nutrition, not only for the affluent segments of society but primarily for the poor. The integration of food into urban planning is a crucial and emerging topic. The book draws on cities of different sizes, from regions across the global north and south, in both developed and developing areas, thereby the contributors collectively attest to the importance of global knowledge rooted in local food planning practices, programmes and policies. »