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GCP-2 final factsheet: Follow the Food
July 24, 2020Research project
GCP-2 final factsheet: Follow the Food

One of the final findings of this GPC-2 project Follow the Food is that foreign investments in local food systems in Ethiopia, Kenya and Ghana focusing on improving productivity, product quality and income, are not necessarily leading to better food & nutrition conditions, because (cultural preferences, spending priorities) intervene. »

Unique country assessments show direct effects COVID-19 crisis on food systems
July 23, 2020Study
Unique country assessments show direct effects COVID-19 crisis on food systems
Theme: CoP Knowledge

Wageningen University & Research and partners identify major food systems challenges that emerge as COVID-19 measures take hold and affect food security. Country assessments, unique in their syntheses of grounded in-country data and outcomes validated by country expert panels, reveal deep immediate impacts in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya and Mali. »

July 22, 2020Knowledge Portal
Protracted crisis, food security and the fantasy of resilience in Sudan

This article uses examples from Sudan to examine how and why the resilience ‘regime of practices’ has functioned as a form of neoliberal governmentality, and argues that it has created a fantasy in which conflict in Darfur is invisible. Social and political analysts, however, have criticized resilience approaches for failing to consider power relations. »

July 14, 2020Knowledge Portal
SOFI 2020: Transforming food systems for affordable healthy diets

This report assesses the state of food security and nutrition in the world, and attempts to foresee impact of COVID-19. The critical link between food security and nutrition outcomes are food consumption and diet quality. New analysis determines that the cost of the diet increases incrementally as diet quality increases. The hidden costs for health and environment translate into actual costs for individuals and society. »

June 19, 2020Knowledge Portal
Home food availability, food insecurity and nutrition knowledge are key factors influencing dietary diversity among adolescent girls in Southern Ethiopia

This study examined the dietary diversity and its determinants among in-school adolescent girls in two regions in Southern Ethiopia. Unsurprisingly, food availability at home and food insecurity followed by nutrition knowledge were significantly associated with dietary diversity score. »

Final GCP-3 factsheet: Allotment gardens in Benin
June 15, 2020Research project
Final GCP-3 factsheet: Allotment gardens in Benin

Please download the final factsheet of Global Challenges Programme project “Enhancing urban food security through development of allotment gardens in and around the cities of Benin”. »