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New F&BKP literature review on social entrepreneurs as change makers for food security

August 18, 2016 By: Evert-jan Quak Image: U.S. Embassy Ghana

Social entrepreneurship as a concept of doing business with a social mission has the potential to increase food and nutrition security. However, little is known about social entrepreneurs. Therefore, within the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) a literature review has been conducted. It gives an overview of challenges and lessons learned in social entrepreneurship for food security in developing countries.

This review explores four clusters of challenges and opportunities of social entrepreneurship: bottom-up approaches for community involvement; strategies for partnerships to increase social impact; income creation while targeting poor communities and; facilitation of supporting systems. By doing this, the paper will serve as a starting point for an upcoming F&BKP comprehensive mapping project on the specific challenges and opportunities for social enterprises and their ecosystems that focus on problems in the food value chain in developing countries.

Making an earned income, engaging with local communities, and being a part of important stakeholder networks not only defines the social enterprise but also its successes by increasing social impact (e.g. food and nutrition security). In practice, it is a bumpy road for social entrepreneurs. Specific challenges for serving rural communities have to be met in addition to dealing with powerful stakeholders, complex governance structures, and working with various pay models that are suitable for the poorest of communities. The future F&BKP mapping project will further examine practices in these areas in various developing Dutch partner countries.

Read here the PDF-version of the literature review.

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  1. Sr. margaret Kariuki
    Member of, Incarnate Word Sisters
    Incarnate Word Argicutural farm

    Site the location,get people together give priorities and search for ways the present reality for better results, provide opportunities for food security and job creation


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