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Midterm discussions First Call Food & Business Global Challenges Programme

Report on the Midterm Review Joint GCP-1 Meeting in Ghana (December 13-15, 2016)
April 12, 2017 By: F&BKP Office

The five research projects of the first Call of the Food & Business Global Challenges Programme (GCP-1) came together for their midterm workshop in Accra, Ghana. The workshop consisted of joint learning, an assessment of progress and enhancement of collaborations for impact. The workshop took place from December 13 till 15 and also included a public meeting on “Inclusive Food Value Chains”. Please find below the introduction of the report on this GCP-1 midterm review meeting. The detailed report can be downloaded here. 

The report of the workshop presents the presentations given during the Food & Business Global Challenges Programme (GCP) Midterm workshop in Ghana from December 13 till 15, 2016. It also provides an overview of the key lessons learned of the workshop. The three-day workshop had the following objectives:

  • Joint learning – on results, lessons and concepts.
  • Assessment of progress /accountability.
  • Enhance collaborations for impact:
    • Amongst projects;
    • With the F&BKP and its networks.

Programme of the workshop

  • The first day of the meeting was held on December 13, 2016 and sought to build on Joint Learning. Preliminary results and challenges were presented by the five invited GCP sponsored research projects. Thematic areas were then identified and discussed.
  • On the second day, December 14, 2016, individual assessments of research progress and accountability took place. It was run in two simultaneous sub-sessions of an interview conducted by a member of the Food & Business Programme Committee, the Food & Business Research Coordinator and the GCP Secretary. The other sub-session was a consortium engagement with the Food & Business Knowledge Platform to discuss opportunities for research uptake activities. Day 2 ended with a plenary session aimed at discussing feedback on central issues from the interview committee.
  • The third and final day was divided into two sub-sessions. The first sub-session focused on thematic exchanges presented by the various research project groups. The other sub-session, which was scheduled for the afternoon of December 15, 2016, was a public meeting on “Inclusive Food Value Chains” with projects of the first Call of the GCP.

Please find the full report of the workshop (in PDF) here.

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