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This F&BKP Knowledge Portal provides you with selected references to knowledge and innovations in the field of Food and Nutrition Security (FNS). Items such as reports, briefs, toolkits and articles are selected per topic and shared by the F&BKP Office knowledge brokers and the wider F&BKP network of partners and experts in the field of FNS.

The Knowledge Portal is updated with relevant knowledge items on a regular basis, divided into 6 main topics – these can be found by using the buttons below. You can click through to the various topic pages to find the annotated references that serve your interests or use the filter function. You can also subscribe to the topic of your interest to receive automatic updates. »

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The field of FNS is multi-dimensional, broad and highly complex. Relevant knowledge products of issues such as agribusiness, governance or food markets can be of use to a variety of professionals working on these issues on a national, regional, international or global level. The Knowledge Portal focuses on system level rather than technological level. Guidelines are used as selection criteria, these indicate that knowledge items included in the Portal should: offer innovative insights, deepen current knowledge, be aimed at poverty reduction and/ or build bridges between groups. Please also see this flyer for more information.

In order to make the continuous updating of the Knowledge Portal an interactive process, you are warmly invited to suggest relevant items that you come across in your professional work with us to include in the Knowledge Portal. Please refer us to your relevant articles, briefs or reports: Submit your contribution to the Knowledge Portal »

Agribusiness development and trade

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Small and medium enterprises

Small and medium enterprises

Sustainable agriculture

Innovations in agro-food sectors

Food security policy and governance

Consumption patterns and nutrition

Cross-cutting challenges to food security

F&NS news

Food & nutrition security (F&NS) news from selected sources. Automatically retrieved via RSS
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