April 11th, 2015

The African greenhouse: A toolbox

Published by Wageningen University and Research - Greenhouse Horticulture,

This toolbox  (PDF) by Wageningen University and Research – Greenhouse Horticulture is to design greenhouse production systems in various climate zones and locations in Africa. Selection of a limited number of climate zones that are representative for Africa limits the variation in designs to be evaluated and makes the approach more effective for the Netherlands supply industry. The toolbox will result in a number of greenhouse cultivation systems that are most suitable for a given location, weighing perspectives such as greenhouse type, greenhouse installation, climate, production and economic viability. The toolkit will follow the ‘adaptive greenhouse approach’ in which models for greenhouse, crop and finances are combined. This report provides a basis for the toolbox. An overview of African climates is given, followed by options for greenhouse design: greenhouse constructions, greenhouse covers, climate systems, screens, substrates, water management, energy, fertigation systems, crop protection, and post-harvest issues. These are placed in the context of a number of production systems, viz., subsistence farming, small to medium farms, medium to large farms, farms growing speciality crops, urban and metropolitan horticulture, and agroparks. The expected future developments and the transitions from current situations to likely future situations are briefly described. Anticipating likely future developments enables an analysis of the potential of a certain farm type, the requirements for further development, and the options for Netherlands involvement.

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