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November 10th, 2015

Supporting women farmers in a changing climate: Five policy lessons

Published by CGIAR,

This policy brief from CGIAR (PDF) tries to focus attention to women farmers in changing climates. Agriculture is one sector that will be particularly hard hit by a changing climate and to respond and adapt to global climate change, agricultural producers (particularly those in developing countries) will need to embrace new, more sustainable technologies and practices. However, when it comes to discussing climate-smart agricultural practices, one group often seems left out: women. The policy brief presents five key policy recommendations to better address women’s roles in both agriculture and climate change adaptation. These range from adapting new technologies and practices for climate change to women’s interests, resources and demands, to recognizing women’s capacities as farmers and innovators. The report concludes that in order to meet all of these recommendations, gender needs to be better integrated into climate change and agricultural policies across all levels, from local community groups to international governing bodies. Women’s needs and priorities need to be taken into account in the design of such policies, and monitoring and assessment of gender inclusion in agriculture need to be stepped up.


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