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Inventory on Dutch partnerships in support of SHAEA
December 18, 2018Study
Inventory on Dutch partnerships in support of SHAEA

The regional project Strengthening Higher Education for Agri-Food Transformation in Africa (SHAEA) is a proposed regional loan of the World Bank to six African countries to strengthen linkages between selected anchor universities and the regional agricultural sector. To create mutual benefit and set up sustainable cooperation networks, the F&BKP commissioned to Nuffic an inventory of existing institutional relations between the Netherlands and nine African countries. »

July 26, 2018
Understanding agribusiness-based advisory services: Findings of a learning trajectory

This report on the functioning of agribusiness-based agricultural advisory services to small-scale farmers. Advisory services are potentially important mechanisms for small and particularly medium farmers to improve the way they farm, increase the volume and quality of production and enhance their livelihoods. »

Agribusiness-based advisory services (ABAS) project - report and workshop
July 9, 2018Knowledge activity
Agribusiness-based advisory services (ABAS) project – report and workshop
Theme: Inclusive Business

In many developing countries, agribusinesses are highly engaged in providing services to small-scale farmers, including agricultural advisory or extension services. Yet, the phenomenon of agribusiness-based advisory services (ABAS) has received little attention in the study of and discourse on advisory services. KIT, Agriterra, Moyee Coffee, and the Food & Business Knowledge Platform have therefore joined hands in a learning trajectory that studied advisory service delivery to small-scale farmers by agri-businesses. »

Agribusiness-based Advisory Services (ABAS) project, update 02
March 28, 2018Knowledge activity
Agribusiness-based Advisory Services (ABAS) project, update 02
Theme: Inclusive Business

In September 2017, the main key questions resulting in an analytical framework were formulated for the collaborative learning trajectory “Agribusiness-based Advisory Services”. In the second phase, the team selected 29 cases for the eplorative study and discussed the draft findings with core group partners on March 15, 2018. »

March 21, 2018Knowledge Portal
Scaling up innovations through adaptive research: An institutional analysis and lessons from farm science centers in India

This discussion paper presents a case study and lessons learned from an attempt to scale up a set of aquaculture innovations through adaptive research trials involving small-scale fish farmers in Odisha, India. »

January 9, 2018Knowledge Portal
Beyond striga management: Learning videos enhanced farmers’ knowledge on climate-smart agriculture in Mali

This article assesses the climate smart agricultural practices triggered by learning videos on integrated striga management, soil fertility and cost-benefit evaluation practices. »