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January 13, 2020Knowledge Portal
The state of food and agriculture 2019: Food loss and waste is a global issue

This SOFA report acknowledges the need to reduce food loss and waste, presents new insights on what is known and what is not, and provides guidance on how to target interventions and policies depending on policymakers’ objectives and the information available.The report also offers a comprehensive analysis of the critical loss points in specific supply chains, thus providing examples on appropriate measures for an effective reduction. »

January 7, 2020Knowledge Portal
Effects of milk cooling: A case study on milk supply chain for a factory in Ethiopia

In this study the effects of different scenarios for introducing a cold milk chain are evaluated based on rejection rates and costs to increase the milk supply of a milk factory near Solulta (Ethiopia). Adequate design of milk collection chains and choice of technology options is essential to make the food product available with minimum climate impact. »

December 19, 2019Knowledge Portal
Biofortification: A food-systems solution to help end hidden hunger

This brief presents the latest evidence from rigorous research and implementation lessons learned on how biofortification can contribute to improving food systems and public health for all. . Over 16 years of peer-reviewed research has provided strong evidence that biofortified crops are well accepted by farmers and consumers, improve nutritional status and health of vulnerable populations, and are a cost-effective solution to help end hidden hunger. »

Inclusive Agribusiness learning exchange
December 18, 2019Knowledge activity
Inclusive Agribusiness learning exchange

On November 14, 2019, NWO-WOTRO and F&BKP organized a conference in The Hague gathering representatives of 14 finalized Global Challenges Programme projects. The objective was to communicate and discuss synthesized project research results, insights and lessons learned, aiming to inspire practices and policies in the field of Inclusive Agribusiness (IAB) and to scale promising solutions. The outcomes of this learning event are shared in this news item. »

October 28, 2019Knowledge Portal
Governing seeds in East Africa in the face of climate change: Assessing political and social outcomes

This article aims to assess political and social outcomes of the formalisation and commercialisation of the seed sector, by comparing maize seed system development in Ethiopia, Malawi and Tanzania, combining policy analysis with quantitative analysis of farmers’ seed use. Climate-smart seed policies and seed system development strategies must be sensitive to differences between farming systems and different groups of farmers if they are to deliver socially fair outcomes. »

Strengthening Ugandan Food and Nutrition Security in policy and practice
October 9, 2019Knowledge activity
Strengthening Ugandan Food and Nutrition Security in policy and practice

A three-day workshop “Strengthening Ugandan Food and Nutrition Security in policy and practice – Scaling innovations from food and agricultural research” was organized in June by NWO-WOTRO, F&BKP and AgriProFocus Uganda. Aim of the workshop was to take stock of the insights and outcomes of the ARF projects in Uganda. »