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Rethinking food production – Opportunities and barriers for circular agriculture
September 28, 2020Knowledge activity
Rethinking food production – Opportunities and barriers for circular agriculture

In a recent webinar, NWO-WOTRO presented key learnings on the topic of circular agriculture in light of the synthesis study that is part of the Food & Business Research Programme. This lunch & learn webinar shared insights on the question: how can circular agriculture offer solutions to feed a growing global population? »

July 29, 2020Knowledge Portal
The food systems approach in practice: Our guide for sustainable transformation

In this paper an iterative, step-based sustainable food system approach has been developed that help navigate complexity and is flexible in its required resources, thus enbaling a fast overview or a deep dive as determined by a project’s or organisation’s objectives. The goal of the approach is that together, the four components can help guide practitioners and decision-makers to describe, diagnose, and develop more coherent, effective, and context-appropriate interventions in food systems to improve their sustainability. »

Influencing policies and practice for improved food and nutrition security
July 14, 2020Study
Influencing policies and practice for improved food and nutrition security

This second Outcomes Paper of the F&BR Synthesis Study assesses the outcomes delivered by sixteen Food & Business Research (F&BR) projects for both policy formulation and implementation of FNS policies by government and non-profit agencies. The design of food security policies can be influenced by knowledge and research. A better understanding derived from research, can help policymakers and practitioners reconsider or adjust their policy priorities, strategies and viewpoints. »

June 23, 2020Knowledge Portal
Towards concerted government efforts? Assessing nutrition policy integration in Uganda

This study uses a novel policy integration perspective to investigate the extent to which eight ministries in Uganda integrated nutrition concerns across their policy outputs between 2001 and 2017. The study found a shift towards increased integrated government action on nutrition over time. The 2011–2015 analysis period was a critical juncture where increased integration of nutrition was observed in all policy integration dimensions across all ministries »

June 9, 2020Knowledge Portal
Putting indigenous foods and food systems at the heart of sustainable food and nutrition security in Uganda

This paper documents the importance of indigenous foods and food systems in Uganda in order to inform policies, programmes at the local and national level. There is limited awareness of the potential of indigenous foods to address food and nutrition security, climate change and environmental challenges due to lack of investment to improve yields and markets,  and the perceptions of  it being a poor man’s food. »

COVID-19 Virtual round table – April 15, 2020
May 26, 2020Knowledge activity
COVID-19 Virtual round table – April 15, 2020
Theme: Food security and COVID-19

On April 15, a first virtual round table was convened by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department Inclusive Green Growth (MinFA-IGG) and the Netherlands Food Partnership (NFP) for bilaterally funded programmes to see what is possible to support local farmers, nutrition programmes and partners with existing means. »