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October 9th, 2018

PUM and the global dairy sector in emerging economies

Published by PUM,

This paper (PDF) by PUM summarizes its approach and shares lessons learned of several dairy programmes with different stakeholders in emerging economies. An increasing demand for diary products globally has challenged the global diary sector. Dairy farming is an important rural activity in emerging economies, supporting livelihoods and generating food and income. Moreover, dairy product are key to nutrition and health. Emerging economies possess about 75% of the world’s dairy cattle and have the fastest growing dairy markets. Improving sustainable dairy production should therefore focus on the dairy sectors in the emerging economies to reach the increasing demand. PUM’s dairy programmes reach out to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) along the value chains in emerging economies, through which the programmes successfully reach out to dairy farmers on a large scale. This strengthens capacity building of SMEs and smallholders by setting up self-sustainable practical training centres and providing training. Moreover, the business link activities of PUM’s programmes provide investment opportunities for Dutch SMEs in emerging economies as well as export opportunities for SMEs in emerging economies. Lessons learned are that the value chain approach strengthens SMEs and smallholders to reach impact. By creating linkages between SMEs in the Netherlands and emerging economies, knowledge and skills are transferred and opportunities are created for investment. By reaching out to a large number of smallholders through SMEs, PUM’s experts transfer tailored knowledge that is adapted to the local situation of the farmers. By training the trainers and extension officers, PUM strengthens the capacity of both private and public trainers to assure that technical messages are embedded in local structures and delivery mechanisms. The practical training centre provides not only expertise but also a demonstration farm as a show model for the farmers. PUM helps to design the business model of such training centres to assure its self-sufficiency.

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