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Dairy, the motor for healthy growth
September 17, 2019Knowledge activity
Dairy, the motor for healthy growth

The annual African Dairy Conference & Exhibition (AfDa) is the key event for the dairy industry in East Africa. The day before this event, a coalition of NEADAP, AgriProFocus, 3R and F&BKP co-organized a joint knowledge sharing event “Dairy, the motor for healthy growth”. To prepare this meeting they held “Dairy dialogues” in four countries. During the AfDa expo, they invited other Dutch actors to their “Dairy knowledge corner”. »

August 21, 2019Knowledge Portal
The feasibility of low emissions development interventions for the East African livestock sector

This paper examines the potential of low emissions development interventions or measures to reduce emissions intensity of livestock in East Africa. The three top recommended practices for reducing greenhouse gas emissions intensities are increased production of improved forages in mixed systems and intensive dairy, the increased use of biodigestors in intensive dairy and improving the management of grazing for pastoral systems. »

VHL University Practice Briefs - Inclusive and Climate smart dairy programme
August 1, 2019Research project
VHL University Practice Briefs – Inclusive and Climate smart dairy programme

Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences has published eight Practice Briefs in the context of the GCP-CCAFS project “Inclusive and climate smart business models in Ethiopian and Kenyan dairy value chains (CSDEK)”. »

April 3, 2019Knowledge Portal
Genetic improvement in dromedary camels: Challenges and opportunities

This expert opinion states that camels have a large potential that is underutilized due to technical, logistic, political and economic challenges and genetic improvement is required. Camels are poised to be an excellent candidate species for production, due to their unique physiology and in light of climate change impact on ecosystems. However, to harness their potential, an improved understanding of the genetics underlying their unique biology is needed. Further, added value products need to be produced and smart marketing strategies need to be adopted to increase the value of camel products »

November 14, 2018Knowledge Portal
An empirical evaluation of policy options for inclusive dairy value chain development in Nicaragua: A system dynamics approach

This research tested and evaluated the short-, medium-, and long-term impacts of specific interventions and policies in the Matiguás dairy value chain with the goal of strengthening the competitiveness and inclusion of small- and medium-scale producers. »

First steps in Healthy Cows, Healthy Food, Healthy Environment project
November 2, 2018Research project
First steps in Healthy Cows, Healthy Food, Healthy Environment project

In the first year of the Applied Research Fund project “Healthy Cows, Healthy Food, Healthy Environment” in Ethiopia, important first steps have been made. Main objective of the project is to improve the milk quality and milk quality in terms of chemical (antibiotic) residues. This is done in two ways: by enhancing the laboratory control capacity and »