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September 9th, 2016

National survey and segmentation of smallholder households in Tanzania

Published by CGAP,

This working paper (PDF) by CGAP examines how smallholder families manage their income and expenses and the issues they face that often lead to financial instability. CGAP conducted a nationally representative survey of smallholder households in Tanzania between August and September 2015. The report shares the findings, observations, and insights from the study. The study sought to develop a comprehensive map of the many activities, interests, aspirations, barriers, and pressures facing smallholder families. The results show that smallholder farmers in Tanzania have a deeply committed, reciprocal relationship with their land and farm. Farmers prioritize, invest in, and cultivate their farming activities year in and year out. In return, agriculture provides their household with sustenance, income, even investments and growth opportunities. Agriculture is part of the identity of smallholder households, a point of pride, and a legacy for future generations. Many see a future in farming, and they look for opportunities to be more successful in their agricultural endeavors. Smallholder familyhouseholds’ circumstances and the surrounding ecosystem in Tanzania may mean they struggle day in and day out, live below the poverty line, and are vulnerable to the harsh realities of farming. Their mindset, however, suggests commitment, diligence, and a desire for a prosperous future.


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