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FNS Excellence Programme: masterclasses and coaching session
November 19, 2019Knowledge activity
FNS Excellence Programme: masterclasses and coaching session
Theme: FNS Excellence Programme

During October and November, the students participating in the Food & Nutrition Security Excellence Programme have dived into their assignment to find sustainable solutions to real-life challenges of the Dutch Embassies in Kenya and Burundi. To guide and support the students in their work, several events have been organized, including a number of masterclasses, a coaching session with an FNS expert and a one-on-one contact moment with both Embassies. »

November 14, 2019Knowledge Portal
Pathways to prosperity: Rural and agricultural finance

This report analyzes the changing landscape of rural agricultural finance. With the changes comes an urgent need to develop improved frameworks for understanding the state of the sector. To do so, the authors introduce new models for understanding how rural clients, financial service providers, and the capital markets can effectively work together. »

February 11, 2019Knowledge Portal
Agriculture Finance in Zambia: How can smallholder inclusion be deepened?

This working paper sought to identify ways in which smallholder agricultural finance inclusion in Zambia can be deepened. There are a number of notable gaps that could foster increased finance flows, like the absence of a credit registry that includes the unbanked. One recommendation to deepen smallholder agricultural finance inclusion is to embrace technology that will reduce cost of financial service delivery. »

July 26, 2017Knowledge Portal
Webinar materials: Using Psychometrics for smallholder credit scoring

This webinar shares insights on using psychometrics to create data for smallholder credit scores. In this way, you can combat financial exclusion through using a interactive assessments that not only use generally available data, but also captures certain characteristics of smallholders that are predictive of credit risks. »

July 5, 2017Knowledge Portal
Finance for a fruitful future: Dutch aid for agriculture 2005-2015

This paper shows the results of a study analyzing the trend in Dutch Official Development Assistance in agriculture and presents policy recommendations to the Dutch government. The paper also maps the current state of Dutch climate finance, since investments in the agricultural sector and adaptation finance are closely intertwined.  »

October 11, 2016Knowledge Portal
Farm input subsidy programmes (FISPs): A benefit for, or the betrayal of, SADC’s small-scale farmers?

This paper by the African Centre for Biodiversity (ACBIO) reviews the farm input subsidy programmes (FISPs) within countries belonging to the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), to ascertain whether input subsidies have benefited small-scale farmers, have increased food security at the household and national levels, and have improved the incomes of small-scale farmers. »