June 21st, 2017

Livestock and household nutrition

Published by Land O'Lakes International Development, ILRI,

This learning series by Land O’Lakes International Development and the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) tackles a broad set of issues affecting the design, implementation and monitoring of livestock development interventions intended to improve impact on household nutrition. The first webinar (Link to recording) on measuring and promoting nutrient-rich value chain commodities, addresses critical development and monitoring questions. Challenges and possible solutions to the collection of data for the new indicator for nutrition-sensitive agriculture are discussed. Additionally, lessons-learned in collecting consumption data in the field were shared, as well as the overall role of livestock and animal-sourced foods in impacting household nutrition. The most recent event (Link to recording) on animal source foods for nutrition impact reviews evidence and good practices to ensure informed project design. The webinar elaborates on the livestock-nutrition pathways; demonstrates how animal source foods can contribute to nutritional outcomes; and digs into the evidence of when and how nutrition results are achieved in livestock programming. Another seminar on livestock markets, animal source foods and human nutrition, considers program tensions and aims at bridging the gap between livestock ownership, market systems and increased consumption of animal source foods by rural and producer households for improved household nutrition. Links to recordings and presentation slides can be found here.

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