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Spot on: Action on equity to end malnutrition
June 25, 2020Expert opinion
Spot on: Action on equity to end malnutrition
Theme: Nutrition Security

Every year the Global Nutrition Report (GNR) succeeds in inspiring the international nutrition community. The 2020 edition is revolutionary as it focuses on the “underlying inequities, the unjust systems and processes” that result in the unequal distribution of opportunities in the world, between and within countries, rural and urban, poor and rich, men and women as the root cause of malnutrition. Read the blog written by Arine Valstar of NWGN. »

June 23, 2020Knowledge Portal
Can household dietary diversity inform about nutrient adequacy? Lessons from a food systems analysis in Ethiopia

This study examined the use of the household dietary diversity score (HDDS) to assess household nutrient adequacy in Ethiopia. he study found suggestive evidence within the food systems that improving household-incomes, access to health and transport services are beneficial to improve HDDS and nutrient consumption in Ethiopia. »

May 13, 2020Knowledge Portal
2020 Global Nutrition Report: Action on equity to end malnutrition

This year’s report uses the concept of nutrition equity to elucidate inequities and show how opportunities and barriers to attaining healthy diets and lives lead to unequal nutrition outcomes. To drive the transformative change needed to achieve nutrition equity, and end malnutrition in all its forms, we must focus on three key areas: food systems, health systems, and financing. »

May 1, 2020Knowledge Portal
Biblical, on steroids, and across generations: The coming food and nutrition crash can be averted if we act now to counter the COVID-19 crisis

This expert opinion states that if the world does not start acting now, the COVID-19 pandemic will results in increases of all forms of malnutrition. What to do: 1) Act now; 2) Maintain and increase essential nutrition programs; 3) Keep the supply of nutritious food moving; 4) Shore up incomes and food demand. »

December 19, 2019Knowledge Portal
Biofortification: A food-systems solution to help end hidden hunger

This brief presents the latest evidence from rigorous research and implementation lessons learned on how biofortification can contribute to improving food systems and public health for all. . Over 16 years of peer-reviewed research has provided strong evidence that biofortified crops are well accepted by farmers and consumers, improve nutritional status and health of vulnerable populations, and are a cost-effective solution to help end hidden hunger. »

November 14, 2019Knowledge Portal
Animal sourced foods: Evidence on stunting and programme to increase consumption

This article examines the role of animal sourced foods (ASF) in stunting prevention and the effectiveness of programmes aiming to increase ASF consumption. A study across 46 countries find different patterns of consumption between regions and countries. Costs showed to be the biggest barrier of ASF consumption. »