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January 7, 2020Knowledge Portal
Effects of milk cooling: A case study on milk supply chain for a factory in Ethiopia

In this study the effects of different scenarios for introducing a cold milk chain are evaluated based on rejection rates and costs to increase the milk supply of a milk factory near Solulta (Ethiopia). Adequate design of milk collection chains and choice of technology options is essential to make the food product available with minimum climate impact. »

December 5, 2019Knowledge Portal
Transforming Africa’s food system with digital technologies

This seminar explored how African countries can develop a “digitalization ecosystem” to help foster growth and competitiveness in the continent’s value chains. Also discussed are the institutional and policy innovations that have already been implemented by African governments as well as efforts by the private sector and ag-tech startups to increase the development and use of digital tools and services in agriculture. »

ARF-2 final factsheet: PARCR project in Benin
November 12, 2019Research project
ARF-2 final factsheet: PARCR project in Benin

The PARCR project in Benin has published its final factsheet, with as main outcome achieved the high adoption of the best practices of rice production on the one hand, and of the best practices of rice parboiling on the other hand.  »

ARF-3 final factsheet: Plantain varieties in Benin
November 6, 2019Research project
ARF-3 final factsheet: Plantain varieties in Benin

Please download the final factsheet of this ARF-3 project. The consortium shares its research findings, showing the development of best agricultural practices and of new plantain-product markets with a special empowerment of women and youth along the value chains. »

October 17, 2019Knowledge Portal
Possibilities of establishing a smallholder pig identification and traceability system in Kenya

This paper begins a discussion on traceability in the pig value chain, with an initial focus on smallholder systems of Western Kenya. In the smallholder context, individual identification is proposed given that farmers may source pigs from different farms and will only keep a few at a time. Appropriate incentives would need to be explored to allow for widespread adoption of the intervention. »

September 23, 2019Knowledge Portal
Mechanization in African agriculture: A continental overview on patterns and dynamics

This study provides an overview on the patterns and dynamics of mechanization in African agriculture from 2005 to 2014 along the entire value chain. A strong positive correlation between agricultural machinery growth and agricultural output growth was found, and vice versa. »