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July 28th, 2016

Livestock Finance Fair: Summary report

Published by AgriProFocus,

This report (PDF) from the AgriProFocus Innovation Community on Access to Finance  presents the lessons from a regional finance fair in Mbarara, Western Uganda. The objectives of the fair were to provide a platform for building business links and brokering deals between farmer entrepreneurs in the livestock sector and financial service providers. In addition, it aimed to jointly find solutions to other challenges in the livestock value chain. The meeting was foward looking and emphasized the need for designing financial products that are tailor made to suit the dairy sector and encourage linkage banking; the promotion of financial services in remote areas and regulation on interest rates. Farmers were briefed on the best practices of financial management for the livestock value chain and the role of the Uganda Agriculture Insurance Scheme. A presentation on the role of Uganda’s Agriculture Credit Facility (ACF) in financing agriculture was delivered. The event and report were produced in partnership with Mbarara District Farmers Association (MBADIFA), SNV, GIZ AGRUFIN, The Hunger Project, Agritera, Trias, TIDE Project–SNV, and AMFIU.

Also see the one page summary of the report.

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