March 27th, 2019

Global food policy report 2019

Published by IFPRI,

This global food policy report 2019 (PDF)¬†of IFPRI provides a synthesis of all major developments regarding food policy in 2018. Reviewing the major food policy issues of 2018 reveals that despite strong economic growth in 2018, undernourishment rose for the third year in a row. These developments were rarely reflected in global policy dialogues and funding commitments. Initiatives that continue a shift toward transforming the whole food system is needed. The special focus of this year’s report is on rural revitalization. The SDGs 1 (end poverty) and SDG 2 (end hunger) seem distant, especiallly as political attention has shifted away from rural areas, where most of the world’s poor live. Rural areas lag behind in undernutrition in children, rural environments are under threat and there is a lack of rural infrastructure, services and economic opportunities. A systemwide transformation is needed to change this. Rural revitalization is a way of positively transforming rural areas. This includes creating opportunities for employment, forging links between rural and urban economies, investing in information and communication technologies (ICTs), education, governance, rural health and healthy environment. The further report focuses on the ‘building blocks of rural revitalization’: poverty, hunger and malnutrition; employment and livelihoods; gender equality; environment; renewable rural engergy; and rural governance. Looking ahead, 2019 might be another difficult year. Global economic growth is projected to slow over the next two years. This will undoubtedly affect rural areas most. Focusing on the needs or rural areas is one of the most practical ways to achieve the SDGs and address many of the roadblocks. Rural revitalization represents a systems approach to addressing poverty and food and nutrition security through its recognition of the intrinsic links among sectors that make up the entire food chain.

In addition, the report provides insights in food security development and rural revitalization around the globe on regional level.

A synopsis of the report as well as a supporting video are also available.

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