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March 27, 2019Knowledge Portal
Global food policy report 2019

This global food policy report 2018 provides a synthesis of all major developments regarding food policy in 2018. The special focus of this year’s report is on rural revitalization. Rural revitalization represents a systems approach to addressing poverty and food and nutrition security through its recognition of the intrinsic links among sectors that make up the entire food chain. »

January 20, 2017Knowledge Portal
How access to energy can influence food losses

This report reviews the evidence to date focusing on the magnitude and geographical distribution of food losses. It especially scrutinizes the role of energy in post-harvest losses and the main entry points in the food value chain where lack of access to energy is the dominant factor influencing food losses. The report outlines low cost and off-grid post-harvest cooling and processing technologies that can be made fit-to-purpose in developing countries. »

February 21, 2016Knowledge Portal
Overcoming food security challenges within an energy/water/food nexus approach

This article argues that to overcome food security challenges, the application of an energy, water and food nexus approach is needed. This can be done following three main pathways: employing sustainable production methods in agriculture, changing diets, and reducing waste in all stages of the food chain. »

March 31, 2015Knowledge Portal
Biodigesters to improve milk production in Bolivia

In this project in Bolivia with financial support from Hivos and the technical support of SNV, a technology is used to convert dung into biogas that can be used for cooking and lighting. The slurry left over from this process is used as an organic fertilizer in order to increase the existing pasture yield and »