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June 12th, 2017

Enhancing sustainability of pastoral productive systems

Published by ELLA Network,

This Learning Alliance Highlight (PDF) by ELLA Network reviews the best practices in land tenure policy for pastoralist societies in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa. Over the course of six topics, participants in the Online Learning Alliance discussed and exchanged ideas on how to sustain pastoralism as a production system. Public policy in both regions has not promoted the sustainability of pastoral systems. This has been aggravated by misconceptions about pastoralism as a productive system. There are similarities in land tenure systems between the Altiplano and the East Africa Savanna. Also pressures on and drivers of change in land tenure systems are similar although unique drivers exist in different regions. This results in a convergence towards individual land tenure systems, even though collective land tenure regimes are key for sustaining pastoral production systems. The management of land in pastoral communities in both regions is mainly based on customary land systems, which play a fundamental role for sustainability. However, the potential of women in pastoral communities has remained untapped. Pastoral communities have adapted to their environment by employing practices that sustain pastoralism. For example, improvements in animal breeds and practicing mobility allow pastoralists to improve production. Finally, land degradation is increasing due to declining access to land. On the other hand, livestock numbers are increasing. This demonstrates the usefulness of a holistic approach in improving pastoral livelihoods.

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