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June 11, 2020Knowledge Portal
Land access in the development of horticultural crops in East Africa: A case study of passion fruit in Burundi, Kenya and Rwanda

This research evaluated land access dynamics (availability, acquisition, and use changes) on the introduction of passion fruits in East Africa (Kenya, Burundi and Rwanda). aAdoption of high-value horticultural crops is supported for the increased income of rural farmers in East Africa, however, constraints on land access may limit the achievement of optimum income from the cultivation of these crops. »

January 21, 2019Knowledge Portal
Land governance and inclusive business in agriculture: Advancing the debate

This report reviews the state of the global debate on inclusiveness in agricultural investments and analyses what ‘inclusiveness’ means to different value chain actors. A cross-cutting approach that looks at the key features of value chain relationships enables the evaluation of inclusiveness within each business, and allows for more nuanced recommendations on how to enhance inclusiveness. »

NLandscape: connecting partners operating in the area of landscapes
November 19, 2018News
NLandscape: connecting partners operating in the area of landscapes

In order to realize the potential of Dutch landscape knowledge, and get the integrated landscape approach to a higher level of policy uptake and implementation, NLandscape, the Dutch knowledge platform on landscape approaches, was established in October 2017. A year later, NLandscape reflects on what has been achieved so far and expresses its future ambitions. The F&BKP funded and supported learning activities and as such contributed to the further development of NLandscape as a platform.   »

Learning Platforms for land-based investments in Tanzania, Mozambique and Uganda
July 5, 2018Study
Learning Platforms for land-based investments in Tanzania, Mozambique and Uganda
Theme: Land Governance

The Netherlands Land Academy, together with the Food & Business Knowledge Platform, CIFOR and Shared Value Foundation jointly set out in 2017 to design and implement three multi-stakeholder Learning Platforms around investment hubs in Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda. The final synthesis report has now been published. »

January 11, 2018Knowledge Portal
Grazing systems expansion and intensification: Drivers, dynamics, and trade-offs

This article discusses the dynamics, drivers and trade-offs of grazing system expansion and intensification. Grazing systems dynamics are driven by a complex combination of socio-economic, political and environmental contexts. »

December 20, 2017Knowledge Portal
Could consumption of insects, cultured meat or imitation meat reduce global agricultural land use?

This article reviews alternatives to conventional animal products, including cultured meat, imitation meat and insects, and explores the potential change in global agricultural land requirements associated with each alternative. Cultural and personal associations with animal product consumption create barriers to moderating consumption, and hence reduced environmental impacts.  »