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Congratulations to Zuhura Abdallah

Zuhura Abdallah - Agrofood Broker of the Year Award 2018, final candidate

The “Women Food Entrepreneurs in Kenya and Burkina Faso” research project led by Dr. Nicky Pouw is an interdisciplinary research team collaboration between social and natural scientists in Kenya, Burkina Faso and the University of Amsterdam. The GCP research project has facilitated capacity building and co-creation of knowledge with local counterpart organizations in Kisumu and Ouagadougou. As a research team, we congratulate Zuhura on her nomination as final candidate for the Agrofood Broker of the Year 2018 Award!

Zuhura Abdallah is a female trader based at the Kibuye market in Kisumu city in Kenya. She has been selling vegetables and dried grains in the market for over 20 years. Zuhura is also a leader of the Kibuye market traders group.

For Zuhura, knowledge brokering continues to be an opportunity to connect with other people with different ideas and opportunities, and to learn from each other. Her market based  group initiative to turn market food waste into compost manure is an example of an inclusive and sustainable business model. In this project, Zuhura has innovatively led her group to connect with different researchers, government initiatives and consumers to develop a high quality government certified compost manure product.

Zuhura has stood out as an innovative leader who uses her knowledge, networks, charisma and positionality in the market place to bring together consumers, traders, researchers and policy actors. She creatively uses her knowledge from scientists and experience in compost manure production to encourage more farmers to embrace the use of organic fertilizer. Her initiative continues to trigger a ripple effect that encourages continuous interactive learning, and promotes a robust food value chain with increased yields and profits for the farmer and the market traders.

The “Women Food entrepreneurs in Kenya and Burkina Faso” team celebrates and congratulates Zuhura Abdallah on her nomination as finalist for the Agrofood Broker of the Year Award. As a research team, we are proud to be associated with her.

Please watch the video of Zuhura Abdallah:



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