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September 23, 2020Knowledge Portal
Digital cash transfers in the time of COVID-19: Opportunities and considerations for women’s inclusion and empowerment

This paper on gender intentional digital cash transfers in the time of COVID-19, offers guidance and considerations for policymakers to support women’s inclusion and empowerment. Broadly speaking, women should have space and a voice at the table. It is critical that women are heard in positions of leadership in order to influence and inform the design, implementation and adjustments of programs. »

June 4, 2020Knowledge Portal
Dairy livestock interventions for food security in Uganda: What are the implications for women’s empowerment?

This study examines how development interventions that target women affect household well‐being, especially food insecurity, empower women, and transform gendered power relations. »

GCP-2 final factsheet: WFE
June 3, 2020Research project
GCP-2 final factsheet: WFE

The final findings of this GCP project “Women Food Entrepreneurs in Kenya and Burkina Faso” show that the project has developed an in-depth understanding of how an inclusive agri-business model can be operationalized in an informal city-slum context. »

May 25, 2020Knowledge Portal
How to integrate gender equity strategies into horticulture value chains

This webinar introduces key definitions of gender equity and strategies for implementing gender equity approaches into projects. The workshops discusses key definitions of vocabulary to effectively integrate gender equity into projects. Women’s empowerment is a critical aspect of gender integration in horticulture as women make up a large percentage of farmers and are a key linkage to household nutrition. »

COVID-19 and the impact on food security: suggestions for the Dutch international effort
May 1, 2020Expert opinion
COVID-19 and the impact on food security: suggestions for the Dutch international effort
Theme: Food security and COVID-19

As a result of a parliamentary debate on April 16, 2020, the Dutch government has asked the Advisory Council on International Affairs to urgently draw recommendations on the role of the Netherlands in combating and mitigating the impact of the COVID-19 crisis in developing countries. Members of the AgriProFocus Food Security Policy Coalition, including HIVOS, »

April 15, 2020Knowledge Portal
Women’s access to rural finance: challenges and opportunities

This paper aims to give an overview of the variety of challenges and opportunities linked to the promotion of women’s access to finance in rural contexts, while also presenting a number of good practices which can be adopted to foster inclusion. Rural women face several constraints that limit their access to financial services, such as sociocultural, economic/legal and in some cases educational barriers. On the other hand, financial institutions also face constraints extending services to rural women. »