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Booklet and documentary on cassava applied research in Northern Uganda


Oxfam Uganda, one of the consortium partners of the ARF project “Cassava Applied Research for Food Security in Northern Uganda” developed a booklet “Tubers for business” and a documentary “Cassava value chain”.

The project’s objective is to improve the food and income security situation of 2,500 direct beneficiaries in the Districts of Oyam and Pader in Northern Uganda through applied research on cassava to boost production and utilization and improve market access by 2018. The project is implemented through a co-creation approach, where NaCRRI works closely with farmers, A2N and Oxfam.

Booklet “Tubers for business”

The booklet introduces the project consortium partners, Oxfam Uganda, National Crops Resources Research Institute (NaCRRI) and Africa 2000 Network, and highlights quotes of members of cassava farming groups. One chapter explaina about the Planting, Harvesting & Tasting and another chapter about the Grinding & Drying Process.

The booklet ends with the following positive conclusion: “Given the fact that the farmers now have the knowledge and have the access to clean planting materials of the different cassava varieties, the production is expected to increase. As a result, the implementing partners will work towards creating market linkages and ensure that farmers are able to negotiate for fair prices for their cassava products. Looking at the positive change already realized within the few groups that have been reached, we intend to fundraise more to scale up this project and the focus of this is to intensify processing and value addition aspects to produce more cassava products beyond stems and tubers.”

Please follow this link to download the booklet “Business for tubers” (PDF).

Documentary “Cassava value chain”

Oxfam Uganda has also developed a small documentary about the project, including interviews with farmers and one of the trainers.


2 Contributions to “Booklet and documentary on cassava applied research in Northern Uganda”

  1. Dr. David Katamba
    Senior Lecturer / Lead Researcher AGRI-QUEST, MUBS
    A2N, We appreciate your work

    Hello colleagues of Africa 2000 Network, Oxfam and NaCRRI, its with pleasure that I have watched your cassava video. I must say I am happy for the work you have done in Oyam and Pader, more so for engaging the women in this value chain, through promoting the appropriate varieties, and also group farming. In fact even us, AGRI-QUEST Project, when we come to Northern Uganda, you gave us all the necessary support to reach out the cassava Value Chain stakeholders. A special thanks to Dr. Kyeswa Christopher, Okumu Alfred and the entire A2N staff.


  2. Amos Asiimwe
    research assistant at the department of food technology Makerere university

    Cassava is a potential crop for industrialisation. Despite this, post harvest losses of cassava are still very high. Therefore more work needs to be done in increasing adoption of technologies that will reduce these losses.


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