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June 12, 2019Knowledge Portal
Why interventions in the seed systems of roots, tubers and bananas crops do not reach their full potential

This article reviews roots, tuber and banana (RTB) seed systems—with particular reference to potato, sweetpotato, cassava, yam and banana —to reflect on current seed system development approaches and the unique nature of these systems. Key to progress in the improvement of the quality of planting material used by farmers is to pay attention to what works where, and for whom, and how to scale up good practices. »

January 14, 2019Knowledge Portal
Impact of positive selection on incidence of different viruses during multiple generations of potato seed tubers in Uganda

This article assesses to what extent positive selection over several seasons can reduce six different virus incidences in seed lots of different starting quality in Southwestern Uganda. The results clearly show that crops planted with seeds from positive selection have a reduced virus incidence compared to those from farmers’ selection when the treatments are applied over multiple (in this case, three) seasons, thereby reducing the level of secondary infection in the next-season crop. »

Booklet and documentary on cassava applied research in Northern Uganda
March 8, 2018Research project
Booklet and documentary on cassava applied research in Northern Uganda

Oxfam Uganda, one of the consortium partners of the ARF project “Cassava Applied Research for Food Security in Northern Uganda” developed a booklet “Tubers for business” and a documentary “Cassava value chain”. »

May 24, 2017Knowledge Portal
Multi-stakeholder framework for intervening in Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) seed systems: User’s guide

This working paper presents a tool, designed to help any interested person to understand root, tuber and banana (RTB) seed systems or for use during planning, monitoring, and implementation of interventions in them. RTB crops are important for food security and commerce, especially in the tropics. »

May 3, 2017Knowledge Portal
Sweetpotato seed systems in sub-Saharan Africa

This working paper reviews CGIAR’s current knowledge of sweet potato seed systems in sub-Saharan Africa. The aim is to identify gaps and research needs to ensure smallholder farmers can access timely and sufficient quantities of quality sweet potato planting material. »